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Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Thalasso Gloria – San Agustín

A sea of well-being

Welcome to one of the most modern thalasso therapy centres in Europe, with all the latest technology and approximately 7,000 m² dedicated to health using sea water.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels


Enjoy a relaxing sea water circuit of varying temperatures with 34 hydromassage stations, counterflow swimming, microbubble seats, water jets, waterfalls and many more features.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Fitness Pool

This zone is one the centre’s best attractions, with 550 m³ of sea water heated to between 33 and 34ºC in the hydrotherapy stations. Open every day.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

2 dynamic pools

Area with temperatures between 16 and 37ºC and an aquagym pool with monitor.


In addition to the bathing areas, Thalasso Gloria – San Agustín also offers a varied menu of massages and therapies to further improve your well-being.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Relaxing and therapeutical massages

Oriental Massages (ayurveda, shiatsu massage, acupuncture, among others)

Thalasso Programmes (mud baths, algae baths, aromatherapy, among others)

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Gloria Thalasso & Hotels


Peels and wraps


Aesthetic and body treatments

Medical services

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Design at the service of your wellbeing

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Thalasso Gloria – San Agustín, created by Gran Canarian architect Luis López, will surprise you with its spectacular design and the harmony between its different spaces. A large transparent dome lets in lots of natural light, giving a pleasant sensation of spaciousness and well-being. Completely integrated into the surroundings, the centre offers spectacular views of the sea.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Inside, everything has been carefully designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. The renowned Gran Canarian painter Pepe Dámaso made notable contributions to this project, creating the large mural that covers the pool perimeter, as well as sculptures of stones and algae, decorative paintings on the roof and ceramic details in the cabins.

The spirit of the sea is crystallised in the murals that welcome you to the San Agustín Thalasso Centre, the work of the painter Félix Juan Bordes.

The ocean, the relaxing sounds, the enveloping aromas, the vegetation, the natural stone, the natural light filtering through the large transparent dome, the view of the sea, the architecture and the art have come together with the common goal of providing well-being.

This was the inspiration behind Don Estanislao Mañaricua’s original project and the renovation work entrusted to the Gadap Bordes studio, who worked as if the sea and other natural elements were whispering ideas in their ears.

Conditions of the establishment

The use of services is only allowed for people over 15 years old. For pregnant women, water and heat treatments are contraindicated.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Telephone: +34 928 77 64 04

Email: talasoterapia.sanagustin@gloriapalaceth.com