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Gloria Thalasso & Hotels receives the Loved by Guests award in all its hotels

By | 29 November, 2019 | 0 comments

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels has been awarded in the category Loved by Guests Award Winner 2019 in all its hotels. Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel scored 8.2, Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel 8.8, Gloria Ízaro Club Hotel 9 and Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa 9.2.

The score is obtained from the ratings of those clients who have had a good experience during their stay. Only those establishments that have obtained a minimum average score of 8 have been awarded with this prize.

To distribute the prizes, millions of guest reviews and ratings are valued. And they are only awarded to those who make a great effort to ensure that their clients live an incredible experience.

The chain is proud to receive awards such as the Expedia Group’s Loved by Guests, as it values the effort and work done by the Gloria Thalasso & Hotels team to continue growing and positioning itself for its quality and exceptional customer service.


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