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TUI rewards Gloria Thalasso & Hotels with the best recognitions

By | 26 December, 2018 | 0 comments

Recently, the most important tour operator of the German market has awarded the hotels from the chain with the most outstanding awards: TUI Holly, TUI Top Quality, TUI Umwelt Award y TUI Family.


For 20 years, the TUI Holly, which was given to Gloria Palace Royal this year, has been an acknowledgement to management, business creativity and exceptional service at hotels. This prize represents the high appreciation from the German tour operator guests, moreover, offers to the guest and travel agencies the guarantee of choose an exclusive hotel.

Furthermore, the tour operator describes this prize as the most outstanding award which is given to those lodgings that have detail appreciation, first class service and a wide gastronomy offer. For this reason, Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa is one of the best 100 hotels of the world.

Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel also received a prize this year: TUI Top Quality. The Hotel got a score of 9,2 out of 10 because of the overstanding ratings, the quality services and high standard guests’ satisfaction. That’s why the hotel became one of the best hotels in the world for TUI.

In addition, Gloria Palace Royal Thalasso & Hotel got another prize: TUI Umwelt Award. This one renders clients satisfaction of the hotel measures for environmental protection, this score was taken by the quality surveys of clients and also from audits made by the tour operator environmental liable.

On the other hand, Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa and Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel finish the year wining the TUI Family Champion.

This award is given to the best familiar hotels according to the satisfaction level of TUI customers. The requirements to win this award is being those lodgings that receive over 8,7 points out of 10 in the questions related with equipment and services for the youngest people in the house.

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels starts a new year in the best way and the received prices shows up its commitment with the excellence and quality in all the services and amenities.

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