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Life looks better from an infinity pool

By | 19 July, 2016 | 0 comments

If we close our eyes and dare to dream of our ideal holiday , our ideal scenario won’t usually miss the image of a huge infinity pool … Does it sound familiar?  these pools that seem to have no limits between water and landscape, and which owe their name to the visual effect produced  by extending the water  to the horizon.

Although like almost everything, it keeps a secret inside: actually the water falls down by  one side of the pool and is collected in a channel in a lower plane, and then pumped back up. But, who is interested in revealing magic? How true is that an infinity pool is always the protagonist of our best pictures!

However, these pools would do not make sense anywhere: its location is the key to put us into a haven of relaxation and wellness, so they charge a special meaning in large hotels built at a high altitude, near the sea and with a particularly striking landscape.

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We hope that, at this point, you are not discouraged thinking of exotic resorts located in destinations beyond the reach of your time and pocket: you have two of the most beautiful infinity pools of Gran Canaria very close to!

One of them (actually two) can be found in Gloria Palace Amadores (Mogan). The hotel has two huge swimming pool in its two terraces. Whether you prefer the quieter pool or swim in the liveliest area of ??the hotel, you can enjoy your relaxing parentheses facing the Atlantic through the glassy border. The hotel is located on the cliff of Puerto Rico and from both pools you can watch the comings and goings of the many boats transiting the beach.

And if you want to have the real feeling of floating in the ocean, you cannot miss the infinity pool at Gloria Palace Royal.

Yet from anywhere in the hotel, you can whet your appetite with its spectacular views. Built in stone inside the mountain, and hanging over Amadores beach its height and proximity to the sea gives this infinity pool a particularly impressive location. We advise you to have a dip and really get to miss the border between its blue water with blue sea and blue sky.

Surely there is no better place than an infinity pool to feel in heaven …

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