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TUI Campeón Medioambiental 2011

By | 5 October, 2011 | 0 comments

14Congratulations to Gloria Palace Royal  Hotel & Spa **** sup. for winning the title of TUI environmental champion 2011.

This award is especially intended for hotel partners of TUI who are committed to the protection of environment and respect for social issues.

The incumbent in sustainable hotel management convinced the guests and the auditors. Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa **** sup with 636 points (656 are possible)  figures among the 5 best hotels in the world.

Now the results in detail:

Travellife Checklist (max. 492 points): 472 customer satisfaction with environmental management.  164  correspond to a customer satisfaction of 100 % (total points 636).

As the winner of the award this year, the hotel will appear in the catalogue from summer 2012 to winter 2012/13 and will be integrated into the marketing of TUI environmental champion.

Congratulations to the staff of Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa **** sup for this special award and excellent performance for sustainable tourism.

Wishing all the best to Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa **** sup for the future!


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