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“Gloria Thalasso & Hotels – Nachhaltige Hotels”

Mit | 19 January, 2024 | 0 kommentare

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels

Bei Gloria Thalasso & Hotels sind wir uns der Bedeutung bewusst, unsere Umwelt zu schützen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir die Philosophie “We care” geschaffen, durch die wir unser Engagement für nachhaltige Praktiken und umweltfreundlichere und effizientere Technologien vermitteln.

Darüber hinaus haben wir uns freiwillig zu kontinuierlicher Verbesserung verpflichtet, Artikel lesen


Mit | 24 November, 2023 | 0 kommentare

“Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel – Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel & Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa”

Damit schließen sie sich der Zertifizierung an, die im letzten September für das Gloria Izaro Club Hotel erhalten wurde. Unsere vier Hotels sind jetzt “Biosphere certified” ♻️

Diese Zertifizierung wird verliehen, Artikel lesen

Gloria Ízaro Club Hotel – Lanzarote – Erhält das Zertifikat “Biosphere Sustainable 2023”.

Mit | 31 October, 2023 | 0 kommentare

“Die globale Nachhaltigkeit des Gloria Izaro Club Hotels”

Ein Nachhaltigkeitsplan nach dem Biosphere-Modell, wie er vom Gloria Izaro Club Hotel umgesetzt wird, bedeutet nicht nur ein Bekenntnis zur Nachhaltigkeit, sondern auch einen bedeutenden Beitrag mit spürbarer Wirkung.

Das Siegel “Biosphere Certified” wird verliehen, nachdem überprüft wurde, dass nachhaltige Praktiken korrekt umgesetzt werden – eine Garantie dafür, Artikel lesen

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels receives the 2020 Travellers’ Choice Awards

Mit | 28 August, 2020 | 0 kommentare

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels receives the Travellers’ Choice 2020 awards in three of its hotels: Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa, Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel, Gloria Ízaro Club Hotel, in its centres Thalasso Gloria – San Agustín and Thalasso Gloria – Amadores and in its Restaurant Gorbea.

These prizes have been awarded by the distinguished traveler review website TripAdvisor, which every year compiles the favourite sites of thousands of tourists and decorates them with this recognition. Artikel lesen

Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa vuelve en agosto

Mit | 29 July, 2020 | 0 kommentare

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels returns to the activity this Saturday, August 1st with the reopening of the Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa****sup, located in the municipality of Mogán.

It was precisely this hotel that saw off the last guests staying at Gloria Thalasso & Hotels last March. Now, the chain is preparing to open its highest category hotel and is doing so following a strict protocol of safety and hygiene measures in order to guarantee the health and well-being of both its clients and each of the workers who make up the hotel’s team. Artikel lesen

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels reaches The TUI Umwelt Champion award

Mit | 20 January, 2020 | 2 kommentare

Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel****, Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel**** and Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa****sup, receive the outstanding recognition of TUI Umwelt Champion 2020 for their environmental management, as well as for the care and protection of their surroundings. These place have been renowned as the best sustainable hotels in Spain and they are within the top 100 internationally. Artikel lesen

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels attends to the World Travel Market 2019

Mit | 7 November, 2019 | 0 kommentare

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels returns one more year to the World Travel Market London, which is held every year in London in November and has a great importance for companies involved in the tourism sector.

The main objective of the WTM is to know the latest news about the development of the tourism industry as well as to exchange experiences with other people in the sector. Artikel lesen

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels receives the Best Tourist Company award at the InnoBankia Awards

Mit | 27 September, 2019 | 0 kommentare

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels receives the Best Tourist Company award in the second edition of the Innobankia awards. The aim of the awards is to give greater visibility to the projects carried out by Canarian companies and to give them the recognition they deserve for the great work they do.

The Best Tourist Company award was given to a company that is carrying out innovative initiatives and projects in this field and that help to identify opportunities for all companies in the country. Artikel lesen

The GLORIA Music Nights back to Terraza Gorbea Chill Out

Mit | 8 July, 2019 | 0 kommentare


Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel brings us one more year its famous GLORIA Music Nights, an event that unites live music and gastronomy to create a magnificent evening.

The concerts have started on July 5th and will end on August 30th. In total we will have 5 concerts and some surprises. Appointments will take place every fifteen days and will always be on Fridays at 21:00. Artikel lesen

Gloria Thalasso & Hotels organized a team building with Tara Pacheco

Mit | 28 December, 2018 | 0 kommentare

This year once again, Gloria Thalasso & Hotels organized a team bulding where many employees from the chain were invited which purpose was creating interdepartmental positives synergies.

Through this kind of actvities, what it is aiming to achive is an improvement of employee productivity, at the same time they make team work easier between coworkers, and as a consequence it makes also an improvement of interpersonal relations, Artikel lesen

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