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How to find the best hotel for family trips. 5 essential tips

By | 20 October, 2016 | 0 comments

Summer is over, and we have the best way to survive with a smile to the coldest months: start planning your next getaway! If this time you fancy to bring the children away with you, check out this five items you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect hotel for your next family vacation:

1. Special rates – stay tuned! Many hotels offer consistent discounts and even free for children. Normally the age limit is 12 years. Check your hotel and see if your child can stay for free!

Guillermodeluis_PISCINA_152. Space, space and more space – carts, toys, floats, mats… traveling with kids entails having to offer extra space for “living” in family during a couple of days. Do not settle  with connecting rooms: look for two-bedroom suites, spacious bathrooms, etc. And if they are near the pool… they will thank you!

13 Habitación familiar

3. 24h adventure –  adults concept of vacation is to lay down by the sun with a cocktail and enjoying the best views. Nevertheless, children are more demanding. Take a look to the hotel web or call the reception in advance: do they have daytime entertainment? Do they organize theme days? ¿Sports activity for children? This will be the best way to ensure not only they enjoyed during the day… but rest like little angels all through the night!

Tina´s Club (3)

4. Magic cornes- mini club, cinemas, children’s attractions. A good animation for kids is not just adapting adult spaces, but offer them their own corners so they can develop their imagination

Piscina niños


5. Bon Appetite! – Throughout the year we try to keep a routine feeding our kids…and this do not always include their favorite dishes. But the holidays were invented to skip the rules! Some hotels have a buffet that will delight the smallest: counters at their height  so they can choose their plates by themselves, healthy and tasty food, and the most delicious deserts… they deserve it! :)




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